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There are a number of situations under which a student claims residency. Utah law establishes different eligibility requirements for each situation. For a complete explanation of Utah and Board of Regents policy, see Utah Code § 53B-8-102, et seq. and R512. For Snow College's official residency policy, see

Residency Applications

To apply for resident student status, you will need to provide a completed residency application and the evidence listed. There are a number of applications and forms for residency. Each provides an explanation of when it is applicable and what is needed to complete the application.

Residency Circumstances

The following are a number of those situations under which a student may qualify for residency and the associated eligibility requirements. Click on the link to see if the situation applies to you. Please be aware that more than one situation may apply to you. 

Military Residency Exception

If you are a military service-member, a military veteran, or an immediate family member of either, or an eligible person (as defined by Utah law), please see our Military Residency Exception page. 


If you have any questions after you have read through this page and the residency policy, please contact the residency officer for Snow College:

Alex Marshall-Snyder